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Explore perspectives, growth strategies and stories informed and inspired by our experiences working with companies and teams across the Summit Partners portfolio.

As investors, advisors and board members, and through our purpose-built Peak Performance Group, we work alongside portfolio company teams, offering flexible, on-demand resources designed to support profitable growth and build long-term value. Our team brings deep, specialized experience across key functional areas — including operations and go-to-market, M&A, human capital, technology & data science, and capital markets. Below, we share learnings, perspective and guidance in these critical growth areas and more.


Buying to Build: Best Practices to Power Your M&A Strategy

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revenue optimzation
Building and Managing High-Performance Sales Teams
Webinar: Generative AI & Large Language Models - A Primer
growth marketing

Unlocking ABM Growth: 3 Keys to Marketing & Sales Alignment

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Webinar: Packaging -Strategically Position Your Product to Drive Growth

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Scaling Your Sales Org: G2M Metrics that Matter

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