Webinar: Actionable Pricing Strategies to Drive Growth

An effective pricing strategy can be an important growth lever for your business, but it can be difficult to get right. Leaders must navigate a number of complexities – from the shifting competitive landscape, to changing customer needs and constantly evolving market dynamics, to managing involvement and alignment across teams – in order to ensure they’re choosing a pricing model that delivers value to both customers and their business. In this webinar, Summit’s Tim Strickland and Mavrck’s Justin Withers share key strategies learned from their experiences in sales and product marketing leadership roles at high-growth companies, including ZoomInfo, Marketo and NAVEX Global.

Webinar Highlights

Why is pricing so complex? [01:22]
There are numerous factors at play in determining the right pricing strategy – from the shifting competitive landscape, to changing customer needs and constantly evolving market dynamics. At the same time, it’s crucial to ensure cross-functional alignment across sales, marketing, product and engineering.

When should you revisit your pricing strategy? [03:15]
Tim and Justin break down some of the key symptoms and inflection points that a business needs to consider in determining when to reevaluate its pricing strategy.

Four actionable steps to creating an effective pricing strategy [06:20]From establishing the right list price to ensuring a regular cadence for review, Tim and Justin share concrete steps that leaders can implement to align their pricing strategy with their company’s growth objectives, while delivering value to customers.

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An effective pricing strategy is inextricably linked to your packaging strategy. In our next webinar, Tim and Justin team up to discuss how the right packaging can help strategically position your product to drive growth. Watch now >>

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