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Webinar: Scaling Your Sales Org - G2M Metrics That Matter

As a business scales, change is inevitable. It may happen because of external factors or as a direct result of decisions executive teams make. Without the right frameworks in place, issues or opportunities can go undetected – without being triaged or capitalized on. In this webinar, Tim Strickland, Advisory Partner at Summit and Kevin Jeon, Vice President of GTM Strategy and Revenue Operations at HashiCorp and former Director of Revenue Optimization at Summit, share perspectives from their experience building and leading sales and revenue operations organizations at high-growth technology companies –the likes of which include ZoomInfo, Marketo, Splunk and Salesforce – and discuss the core go-to-market metrics that we believe matter for growth company leaders.

Webinar Highlights

The Metrics Ocean (03:18)
Tim and Kevin take a look at the broad landscape of metrics on which business leaders focus, digging into a subset of key metrics that help leaders understand how the function of time impacts their business.

Breaking Down Pipeline Coverage (04:30)
Many go-to-market leaders are familiar with the concept of targeting “3x pipeline coverage.” While this metric may work for more established sales organizations, a static view of pipeline coverage doesn’t offer a way to measure the impact of the changing dynamics that are a reality for rapidly growing businesses. Tim and Kevin show how visibility into the right data and taking a time-based approach to your pipeline can help.

The Importance of Pacing (15:50)
“Great quarters are made from great months, great months are made from great weeks, great weeks are made from great days.” Delivering on longer-term targets is far is easier if leaders can give their teams shorter-term objectives to help meet those targets. To do this, you need a good understanding not only of where you are relative to your targets today, but also where you should be.

Understanding the Impact of Rep Performance and Ramp (22:00)
How do you recreate your best salesperson? One key is giving your team members both qualitative feedback and quantitative feedback that goes beyond quota attainment. Tim and Kevin share some of the key metrics they’ve used to help reps better understand their individual performance, while giving leaders visibility into the ramp cycle and productivity of their overall teams to ensure bookings plans don’t outpace the size of their organizations.

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