Summit Partners Named Top Growth Investment Firm by GrowthCap

April 18, 2023
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Summit Partners was named to Growth Cap’s list of the Best Growth Investment Firms for 2023. Each firm was evaluated based on its leadership, strategy, unique competitive advantage, operational capabilities, team composition, and capital responsibility (ESG), among other factors.

To view the full list visit:

Award selections are determined based on GrowthCap’s evaluation of the nominee’s ability to consistently identify investment opportunities, create value for portfolio companies, retain talent and optimize outcomes for all stakeholders involved. GrowthCap also factored in each firm’s commitment to ESG and momentum with portfolio company executives and limited partner communities, among other factors. Information on each nominee was received through nomination application forms, GrowthCap’s online submission portal, GrowthCap’s proprietary research and direction communication with portfolio company CEOs and other executives and peers in the healthcare industry. To view the full list of honorees and read more about the selection methodology, visit GrowthCap’s website.

This award is the opinion of the party conferring the award and not of Summit Partners. Summit Partners submitted a nomination, and once selected, paid a publishing and copyright fee to promote this award. There can be no assurance that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusion as the party conferring the award referenced herein.

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