Summit Partners Named to Inc.’s 2022 List of Founder-Friendly Investors

October 5, 2022
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We’re honored to be named to Inc.’s 2022 List of Founder-Friendly Investors. The list recognizes firms with demonstrated experience collaborating with founder-led companies and providing the financial support and resources needed to help accelerate growth.

Over nearly four decades, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of entrepreneurs and management teams - partnering with more than 70 founder-led companies in the last five years alone. This experience has fostered a deep appreciation for and understanding of the courage, vision and tenacity required to start and scale a business. We are proud to support these growth journeys – and we look forward to many more.

Read more about a few of the founders we’ve supported and the companies they’ve built in Stories from the Climb – a series dedicated to celebrating and sharing the challenges of building a growth company.

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