Redzone Acquired by QAD

February 1, 2023
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We are pleased to announce that Redzone, the world’s #1 connected workforce solution for manufacturing, has been acquired by QAD Inc., a provider of next-generation manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the cloud. Together, QAD Redzone will help manufacturers improve productivity and frontline engagement to address the challenges of rising input costs, wage inflation and labor shortages.

Summit Partners invested in Redzone in 2020, partnering with founders Mark Sutcliffe, Richard Tester and Jon Clement as the company’s first outside investor. With a vision to transform the frontline worker experience in manufacturing, Redzone has achieved significant scale with its Connected Worker platform, a cloud-based collaboration and engagement solution designed to empower workers and drive productivity improvements from plant floor on up. In 2022, the company defied a slowing SaaS market and accelerated bookings growth to 47 percent, adding 100 new logos and over 200 new plants by meeting the critical needs of manufacturers with its suite of frontline productivity, compliance, reliability and learning applications.

Today, over 1,000 plants and 300,000 frontline workers worldwide rely on Redzone’s solutions to create a better employee experience for frontline teams and transform productivity with digital workflows and collaboration tools to get the most out of every shift.

“From the early days of our partnership, Summit shared our vision for empowering frontline workers with purpose-built, human-centric technology to change how work is done on the factory floor,” said Richard Tester, CEO of Redzone. “The Summit team brought meaningful resources to support our expansion into new manufacturing verticals as we extended our leadership position in the connected workforce space.”

“In our view, employee retention and engagement has never been more crucial, especially as manufacturers seek to keep plant floors running in order to meet dynamic customer demand while navigating escalating material costs and supply chain disruption. We believe QAD Redzone is strongly positioned to help manufacturers address these challenges head-on,” said Jay Pauley, Managing Director at Summit Partners.

“We’ve been proud to work alongside the Redzone team to support the company’s strong growth and expansion over the last two years, and we are looking forward to supporting Redzone’s continued development as part of the QAD platform,” added Len Ferrington, Managing Director at Summit Partners.

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