RON Acquired by Medipass

November 23, 2021
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We are pleased to announce that RadioOnkologieNetzwerk (“RON”), a leading provider of multi-specialist oncology treatment services in Germany, has been acquired by Medipass, a European radiology and oncology care provider backed by DWS Group. The combined company creates a leading pan-European provider of cancer care and advanced diagnostic imaging services.

Summit Partners invested in RON in 2019, partnering with founding physicians, Dr. Sandra Röddiger and Dr. Ralf Kurek. With a vision to build Germany’s leading outpatient cancer care provider, RON has expanded from seven to fifteen operating clinics over the course of the last two years and worked tirelessly to improve patient access to high-quality treatment and services across the country.

Today, RON operates one of the largest radiotherapy and oncology networks in Germany, combining a physician-led management team model with high quality, compassionate cancer care and state-of-the-art medical technology. Together with Medipass, we believe RON is poised for continued growth and expansion to deliver essential cancer care services to patients across the continent.

“Summit Partners shared our vision of building a multi-specialist outpatient network to improve patient access to high-quality, essential cancer services. Combining growth-oriented resources with local market knowledge and deep experience working across the European healthcare ecosystem, Summit was an integral partner in RON’s growth and has helped our team scale our operations to support a robust acquisition and organic growth strategy.”
— Dr. Sandra Röddiger and Dr. Ralf Kurek
Co-CEOs and Founders, RadioOnkologieNetzwerk

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