OTR Capital Expands Offerings to Further Support Carriers and Brokers, Rebrands to OTR Solutions

June 15, 2022
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ROSWELL, GA – OTR Capital has changed its name to OTR Solutions, a change that better reflects the company’s mission to create exceptional value for its SMB carrier clients by providing industry-leading services and solutions that extend far beyond traditional financing and back-office services.

Founded in 2011 as a financial services and factoring provider dedicated to improving cash flow for motor carriers, the launch of the OTR Solutions brand better defines what carriers, brokers, and industry partners have come to expect from the company —and what they can continue to expect for years to come. Along with the new brand, OTR Solutions is offering several new services to the trucking industry, including ELEVATE, a first-to-market solution that delivers value through branded domains and customized websites for carriers.

“OTR Capital is not only a leading resource for capital to help carriers improve their business, beyond that, we are a carrier’s best friend for a range of services, and the broker’s most reliable and widely respected partner for serving the trucking community,” said Fritz Owens, Chief Executive Officer. “When we think about what we truly do here at OTR, our goal is to provide services for trucking companies to not only be as successful as possible, but also to better compete against, or even out-compete, the largest players in the market. We want to be the go-to resource for small- and medium-sized carriers to get the financing and the services they need to thrive in today’s marketplace.”

“Capital and back-office support will remain a critically important piece of carrier success in the market” Owens added, “but the complexity and unprecedented advancement of the transportation industry over the last several years now requires additional tools and solutions, and OTR Solutions is committed to providing them.”

“We’ve always said from the very start that we’re more than just a factoring company,” said Grace Maher, Chief Operating Officer. “While it’s our core business and we do it better than anyone else, it’s been our mission to do everything we can to help the small carrier succeed, and to help brokers efficiently and effectively transact with a broad segment of the market. Through those solutions we currently have, the technology that we’re building, and the partners we’ve brought on board, we are going to continue to expand our menu of tools and services as we formally change our brand to OTR Solutions.”

Included among the services that OTR is launching to expand its menu of services concurrent with today’s name change are the following:

• An expansion of OTR’s “Bolt” product to allow carriers to receive “direct to debit” payments in a timely and cost-effective manner;

• A “driver safety rating scorecard” tool that will allow carriers to monitor their FMCSA scores to ensure that a surprise inspection doesn’t take them off the road;

• An “OTR Solutions Forum” where carriers can trade notes best practices with their industry colleagues, identify opportunities, and find new ideas for growing the success of their business;

• Expanded availability of OTR’s fuel advance app to allow carriers to receive advance financing in today’s high fuel cost environment; and

• The $9 Lumper Advance, which for a low and flat fee of $9 will provide advance financing of lumper fees.

In the coming months and years, Owens said, OTR will be expanding its menu of additional services in its continuing quest to help carriers and brokers succeed.

About OTR Solutions
OTR Solutions provides industry-leading technology and financial services, tools, and support to help carriers and brokers start and grow a successful operation. Trucking companies and freight brokerages of all sizes turn to OTR to receive reliable financing and back-office solutions, a dedicated fuel team, up-to-date news and education, and technology and innovation to prepare them for anything and everything. As a testament to its growth, OTR has been named in the Inc. 5000 multiple years in a row and strives to improve the work experience for its employees as a Top Workplace in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 as named by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Source: OTR Solutions

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