Microsoft to Acquire RiskIQ to Strengthen Cybersecurity of Digital Transformation and Hybrid Work

July 12, 2021
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CEO Lou Manousos shares the news on RiskIQ’s blog

Today Microsoft announced its intent to acquire RiskIQ, representing the next stage of our journey that's been more than a decade in the making. We couldn't be more excited to join forces to enable the global community to defend against the rising tide of cyberattacks.

RiskIQ was conceived to preserve the original promise of the Internet—bringing people together. Connecting people across the world and making sure those connections are safe is something worth defending every single day. That hasn’t changed.

When RiskIQ first launched, the digital enterprise was shifting to the Internet, the start of digital transformation. SaaS; Mobile apps were suddenly everywhere; the cloud was becoming the basis of development—essentially, the Internet was becoming the network, and the extended enterprise was born.

However, these innovations also came with new threats and global vulnerabilities that made traditional approaches to securing organizations no longer effective.

We built RiskIQ's technology to address this new frontier and help customers see their attack surfaces and leverage threat intelligence from a global, outside-in perspective. By understanding the deep digital relationships in their unique attack surface and how it connects with the worldwide attack surface, organizations could know how they were most vulnerable and take swift and decisive actions against threats.

We're proud of the loyal customer base we've built and how far we’ve come. We now partner with hundreds of the Global 2,000, and our incredible community has grown to more than 100,000 security professionals that we're excited to have as partners in this journey. We’ll continue to support, nurture, and grow this community with Microsoft. We’ll also continue to grow and work with the valued members of our Interlock Partner Program.

We're joining Microsoft to extend and accelerate our reach and impact and are more committed than ever to executing our mission. We'll work closely with our customers as we integrate RiskIQ's complementary data and solutions with Microsoft's Security portfolio to enable best-in-class solution attack surface visibility, threat detection, and response.

Our technology and amazing people will be a powerful addition to Microsoft solutions. Together, we'll empower CISOs and security operations teams to proactively detect and defend their enterprise against all threats, both on-premise and across multi-cloud.

We could not be more excited to continue serving our customers as part of the Microsoft team. You can read more here.

Source: RiskIQ

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