Healthline Tops WebMD in Monthly Visitors

July 23, 2019
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Medical Marketing & Media reports that Healthline Media surpassed WebMD in monthly unique visitors for the first time this June, according to Comscore. The company also saw growth outpace its rival, reporting a 35% increase in visitors year-over-year, versus 2% for WebMD. Healthline CEO David Kopp indicated that the company’s "No. 1 ranking reflects the impact we’re making by providing new channels and approaches to connect people to information about health and wellness." Kopp attributed this milestone to "Healthline’s relentless focus on quality that delivers empathy, medical accuracy, meaningful community engagement, and content that communicates what consumers need along their health journeys."

In addition, Comscore has ranked Healthline No. 1 among mobile health information websites and in the health category overall for the past six months.

Summit Partners invested in Healthline Media in 2016. Healthline was acquired by Red Ventures in 2019.

Source: Medical Marketing & Media

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