ConstructSecure changes name to Highwire, launches Partner Elevation Pledge to build safer and more enduring businesses

March 28, 2022
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The new name and pledge reflect the company's commitment to driving the Partner Elevation movement.

BURLINGTON, MA - ConstructSecure announced today that it has changed its name to Highwire, reflecting a new, broader mission to help builders and owners of capital projects succeed by elevating the capabilities of their partners to deliver great work. In order to elevate the entire industry, the company has also launched The Partner Elevation Pledge. The Pledge is a commitment to embracing a new mindset and a new way of working collaboratively with contracting partners in order to elevate them to do better work, reduce risk, and deliver more successful capital projects.

An Industry Falling Short

Increasingly complex capital projects and an acute skilled labor shortage — the most recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index found that 92% of contractors reported some level of difficulty finding skilled workers and 55% indicated high levels of difficulty — means firms are forced to take on riskier partners.

Traditional prequalification creates a false sense of security, leaving builders and owners open to significant safety, financial, quality and sustainability risks - which is why the world's leading companies are turning to Partner Elevation. Partner Elevation represents a fundamental shift across our industry — from an over-reliance on up-front partner screening to a more collaborative, dynamic approach to risk mitigation across the project lifecycle.

Championing Partner Elevation

The name Highwire is a reflection of the high stakes Partner Elevation, as well as the company's ability to mitigate risks beyond construction. Some of the world's most inspiring companies are increasingly deploying Highwire in the day-to-day operations of their facilities, not just the construction phases.

Highwire recognized that builders and operators needed more than just the old prequalification tools; they needed a platform to actively elevate their partners and help them grow.

"When we built the first version of our product as an internal risk mitigation platform at Harvard University 14 years ago, I never imagined we'd be where we are today," said Garrett Burke, Founder, and President of Highwire. "The world's most advanced builders and operators have embraced the Partner Elevation mindset and have fundamentally changed the way they collaborate with their contracting partners. It's a surreal moment to think about everything we've accomplished. And even more surreal to think that this is just the beginning."

In addition to changing the name, Highwire knew that in order to elevate the entire industry, they needed to do more.

Taking the Pledge

To deliver on the promise of elevating the entire industry, Highwire has launched The Partner Elevation Pledge. Signing the pledge is a commitment to embracing a new mindset and a new way of working collaboratively with contracting partners in order to elevate them to do better work, reduce risk, and deliver more successful capital projects.

By signing The Partner Elevation Pledge, you're pledging to meet partners wherever they are on their journey and collaborate to deliver better work. You're committing to helping them build a safer and more enduring business by dynamically mitigating risk together.

Join the movement by signing the pledge here:

The company has partnered with two non-profit organizations focused on elevating their own communities. For the first 500 signatures of The Partner Elevation Pledge, Highwire will donate $10 to organization.

The first is Russell CARES, the philanthropic arm of H. J. Russell & Company (Russell).

"When our founder, Herman J. Russell, started the company, one of his desires was to economically empower his community," said Paul Bryant, Russell's Vice President of External Affairs. "For years, Mr. Russell, as well as his family, did just that, but it was not widely known. It wasn't until a few years ago that H. J. Russell & Company's philanthropic efforts were officially established under Russell CARES. As our official corporate social responsibility program, Russell CARES is the manifestation of the Russell family's commitment to community service. It's not something we do, it's who we are."

The second is The Rosendin Foundation, a philanthropic venture from Rosendin Holdings. The foundation was established to positively impact communities, build and empower people, and inspire innovation by partnering with community-focused, non-profit organizations in 17-regions across the U.S. to support health including emotional, nutritional, and occupational programs.

"ConstructSecure, now Highwire, has been a fantastic partner for Rosendin over the years. As the Supplier/Subcontractor Program Supervisor I've worked hand-in-hand with them while developing our subcontractor program, which is now a cornerstone of our project operations procedure," said Joan Bremer, Chairperson for the Grant Making Committee for The Rosendin Foundation. "I am beyond thrilled they looked to our organization for their philanthropic giving. I also strongly believe The Partner Elevation Pledge will help with Rosendin's goals of building quality with our many trade partners, along with building people in our communities."

About Highwire
Highwire is leading the Partner Elevation movement for builders and owners of capital projects. The world's most admired organizations — including Skanska, Merck, and Bond Brothers — use Highwire to ensure their contracting partners deliver great work, on budget and on schedule, by collaborating with them to dynamically mitigate safety, financial, quality and sustainability risks throughout every project lifecycle. Originally started as an internal risk assessment system at Harvard University, Highwire is now an independent company championing the Partner Elevation movement. Highwire is backed by global growth equity investor Summit Partners. The company is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, with employees across the United States. For more information visit

Source: Highwire

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