a.k.a. Brands Completes Initial Public Offering

September 22, 2021
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a.k.a. Brands (NYSE: AKA) was created to help founder-led, digitally native D2C fashion brands grow faster -- and we’ve been proud to support this founder-focused mission from a.k.a.’s earliest days. Today, a.k.a. is redefining the future of fashion for the next generation of consumers with a dynamic platform that has brought together incredible founders with deep connections to their customers and communities.

As a.k.a. completes its IPO, we’re thrilled to celebrate the achievements of Princess Polly’s Wez Bryett and Eirin Bryett, Culture King’s Simon Beard and Tah-Nee Beard, Rebdoll’s Grisel Paula and Petal & Pup’s Tiffany Henry. Congratulations to a.k.a. CEO Jill Ramsey, Summit alum John Gonneville and the entire a.k.a. team on this milestone.

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