How We Help

Services on Demand: we are there where and when you need us. As board members, advisors or operational support, we help you:

Michael George, CEO of Continuum, with John Carroll

Portfolio Resources

Draw on the expertise of experienced professionals, executives and entrepreneurs to achieve your business goals.

When you partner with Summit, you gain access to specialized resources designed to leverage expertise and experience critical to rapid growth companies:

  • Talent & Recruiting Team works with portfolio companies to identify and recruit high-impact senior executives and board members, and advise on best practices in talent development.
  • Capital Markets Team helps portfolio companies structure capital markets transactions to support growth initiatives, providing access to the best execution, pricing and structuring available.
  • Executives-in-Residence work closely with Summit investment teams and portfolio companies on sector-specific opportunities and can assist companies in an ongoing capacity through board or leadership roles.

Greg Hartmann, CEO of National Veterinary Associates with Dave Averett

Peak Performance Group

Engage a team with diverse experience in advisory and operational roles across industries and functional areas.

Summit’s Peak Performance Group provides operational and tactical support to our portfolio companies, on-demand and at no cost. When you seek additional support to identify high-impact opportunities across sales, operations and infrastructure, we provide analysis and execution and then help transition newly developed tactics and operating approaches to your team. The Peak Performance Group is on-call, at your request, to help you develop and execute growth acceleration initiatives, including:

  • Sales force effectiveness and marketing strategies to drive revenues
  • Process efficiency, for either manufacturers or transactional businesses
  • Infrastructure scalability to support continued rapid growth of your business
Meet our Peak Performance Group

Helping you realize value: our investment history speaks for itself.

Founded in 1984 and currently managing $14B+

Investments in 475+ businesses around the world

140+ public offerings, 190+ strategic sales or mergers