Case Study:

360T Group

“As an entrepreneur and founder, I selected Summit Partners to help expand our global footprint and support the continued growth of 360T. We benefited significantly from Summit’s global reach and deep experience in the financial technology sector.”

Carlo Kölzer 360T Group

Carlo Kölzer, Founder and CEO

360T Group
Frankfurt, Germany

Carlo Kölzer

Founded in:
invested in:

Acquired by Deutsche Börse 2015

Summit Team:
Scott Collins Han Sikkens
Case Study:

360T Group

Multi-bank, multi-asset trading platform

Doubled global customer base to more than 1500+ in under three years

Deepened product offering

Strengthened and expanded international presence

Acquired by Deutsche Börse AG for €725 million

Entrepreneur Carlo Kölzer founded 360T in 2000 and grew the business from a regional technology start-up into a leading global multi-bank trading platform that enables clients to trade with greater transparency and enhanced control. By 2012, Frankfurt-based 360T was highly profitable and growing, with more than 100 global and regional market makers connecting to its trading platform. Kölzer saw additional opportunities for growth and chose Summit Partners to support the company’s expansion strategy, particularly as it sought to strengthen its presence in the United States.

How Summit helped:

  • Led a majority investment in 2012
  • Worked with management to further establish the company’s position as a world-class trading platform
  • Supported product innovation efforts to expand into the asset management market
  • Helped the company to strengthen and expand its international presence, most notably by assisting in recruiting a new U.S. leadership team and building the sales team
  • Worked closely with management to recruit a new CFO

Over the next several years, 360T continued to build its best-in-class trading platform, earning numerous industry awards for innovation and transparency. In 2015, 360T was acquired by Frankfurt-based exchange Deutsche Börse AG for €725 million. As the core of Deutsche Börse’s FX strategy, 360T today operates as an independent subsidiary led by Kölzer and continues its strong global growth on a new scale.