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  • “Complete integrity. Phenomenal support through thick and thin. Summit was just awesome, and critical to Wildfire’s success.”

    Victoria Ransom - Wildfire Interactive
  • “Summit is the epitome of a good partner. I always felt like we were on the same side of the table.”

    John Robinson - Progressive Finance
  • “Summit has delivered on every single thing they ever said they would. For years. I can’t tell you how rare that is.”

    Nick Mehta - LiveOffice and Gainsight
  • "Summit helped tremendously during a period of rapid growth and expansion. They were very much a partner in our success.”

    Robert Margolis, MD - HealthCare Partners
  • “For more than a decade, Summit has stood by us. They’re smart, they’re committed, and they come through in the clutch.”

    Ron Clarke - FleetCor

Summit’s Scott Collins and Christian Strain with Jacques-Antoine Granjon, founder of

Above and beyond capital: we bring extraordinary resources to help you navigate rapid growth.

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